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If I told you there is a mystical, remote land, full of mountains, unspoiled by the abundance of tourism, with greenness and ethnicity so detailed it’s hard to understand, would you believe me? It exist and most likely you have not been there, or can't even locate it on a map.

Kwame Falls

Kwame falls was named after a popular Maroon runaway slave called Kwame. A stunning and to a large extent undiscovered waterfall hidden away in the forest of St Mary. My journey began on a public transportation to St Mary. On my way along the turning Junction road alongside the course of the peaceful Wag Water River, I was breathless and upbeat when I saw the rich hills magnifying every contour and color of green. 

My first stop was in Annotto Bay where I took a taxi to a small village called Robin's Bay, a little distance away from Annotto Bay. The hike to Kwame falls started at Robins Bay where I was accompanied by a guide (an individual from the community) that I hired. The hike offered scenic views along the path. I saw an interesting donkey and countless trees. Also, amazing views of the Caribbean Sea bounded by the rough coastline. 

Robins Bay
Robins Bay
Robins Bay
Robins Bay

The terrain was rough but the hike proceeded. The path got smaller until it became a track guided between the endless vegetation. We crossed about five streams. I began to wonder if we were lost. 

Path to Kwame Falls

Finally, the journey paid off when Kwame Falls unveiled itself!  I was so happy that I instantly took a swim. The water was rejuvenating. The falls was beautiful. Explained by the guide, the water was about thirty feet deep.  

Kwame Falls
Kwame Falls
Relaxing at Kwame Falls
Chilling at Kwame Falls

Prematurely, nonetheless, it was time to recall our steps . I recommend a visit to Kwame Falls to all who appreciate swimming hiking and exploring the stunning sections of Jamaica. It’s completely my new number one place. Hidden in the hills of St Mary eclipsed by its booming neighbours.

 At last, Kwame Falls is breaking silence and getting recognized. I adore being amazed when I explore new places and Kwame Falls was nothing but an amazement. 

have a great time at Kwame Falls

Have you ever  been to Kwame Falls before? Would you, given the chance? Have you ever  been to Kwame Falls before? Would you, given the chance? 


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