Falling in love with Blue Lagoon

Portland is one of the most awesome place in Jamaica.  I made a decision to stall reality a while after exploring Frenchman’s Cove. I was spellbound. So I decided spontaneously to take another trip to Portland.

In these pictures, emotions and phrases, I present my moonstruck note to Blue Lagoon. Have a seat and hang around for a bit.

Junction is one of the most picturesque routes in Jamaica. It was the route I took to Kwame Falls. Upon reaching Port Antonio square, I took a transportation to my final destination. This route leads to St Thomas and back into Kingston. I was told that this road was nameless. Blue Lagoon is located in the San San community.

 I believe Blue Lagoon is the most popular place in Portland. It's one of the most well known in the world. It was called The Blue Hole. The Brooke Shields’ movie "The Blue Lagoon" became popular thus the changing of the name to The Blue Lagoon. It is said that the Lagoon is almost 200 feet deep. According to an old myth, a dragon is hidden there.

The Lagoon

The Lagoon

The location is exclusive because of it's magical area with a combination of fresh and salt water, as the lagoon is open to the sea and supported by a refreshing mineral spring that nourishes the majority of the Lagoon. Blue Lagoon is the definition of beauty circled by the abundance of greenery with glassy, turquoise blue waters.



Glassy, Turquoise blue waters

Glassy, Turquoise blue waters

Boat Ride

Boat Ride


Blue Lagoon only got more stunning around every corner.  IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE? I was in wonderland when I saw that the Lagoon had my favorite elements; river and history put together in one mythical dream.

Have you been to Blue Lagoon? Share the most stunning places you have ever been?


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