Reasons why I love Monkey Island

The first time I visited Portland, I suddenly became attached to it. I would go back every chance I get. There is never a dull moment in Portland because there are so much things to discover . Each time I go to Portland, I’ll discover  something different and fun to fall head over heels in love.

Frenchman's Cove was the first amazing place I visited in Portland and I was so excited to go back and discover the hidden gems of the parish. If you follow me on Instagram, you already know I have a weakness for Portland. I could not make another Saturday pass without satisfying my desire to explore Monkey Island. See why I am so head over heels for Portland. 

Getting to Portland was easy because I go almost every Saturday. The Junction route is the best because of the amazing scenery. When I arrived at Blue Lagoon, I decided to explore the island via raft which costs $5,000 Jamaican Dollars. The price varies. It depends on the raft captain and how well you can negotiate.

Rafting on the Blue Lagoon

Rafting on the Blue Lagoon

Absorbing all this beauty

Absorbing all this beauty

She is always ready for an adventure.

She is always ready for an adventure.


Monkeys no longer exist on the island. It is simple to walk across at certain point because of the breadth of water dividing the island from the mainland which is not deep.  

was not ready for the photo

was not ready for the photo

The island is amazing. It is  circled by strong sea grass beds and it's great for swimming. There is a beautiful scene of the coast , a section for diving and a shaded beach.


The island is located at one end of a coral reef which guards San San Bay.


Locals and foreigners visit by raft, boat, snorkel at a close by reef , relaxing on a small beach and relish the stunning surrounding.

Monkey island is just a couple of minutes away from Blue Lagoon. Rafting to Monkey Island and seeing the spectacular views made my heart skip so many beats. I wish I could stay in Portland forever

Have you ever been to Monkey Island? Tell me about it in the comments below!

One last stop before I head home - Blue Lagoon

One last stop before I head home - Blue Lagoon


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