Falling Edge Falls - A Divine Spot in Stony Hill

My visit to Falling Edge Falls was amazing. I have a lot to share but I wanted to start off by revealing 11 of my best pictures that I hope will inspire you to explore and fall head over heels in love with this part of Jamaica like I did. Have fun !

One of the many stunning view along the path to the falls

One of the many stunning view along the path to the falls

Stony Hill has been on my radar ever since I decided to explore Jamaica. I immediately marked it off my list when I visited Falling Edge Falls which is also called Bowden Hill Falls. I got injured while running but I just could not stay away from an adventure 


Bowden Hill Fall is located in the Parish of St Andrew. St Andrew shares boarder with St Mary, St Catherine and St Thomas.


In 1897, St Andrew was one of the first parishes to be ceated by law.


St Andrew was called Liguanea which is the Taino word for Iguana.


From Cross Roads to Rockfort is the range of  St Andrew in the East. It also spreads up into the Blue Moutain.


My favorite moment was playing in the icy cold water.


 I enjoyed every second playing in the freezing water.  Creating moments that will last forever.


The stunning view of the enchanting waterfalls. Five hours here was insufficient. It left me found wanting more.


The hike was beautiful, walking through untamed jungles covered with plant life before reaching what looked like paradise – Falling Edge Falls. It was an amazing trip. I’ll return to you Falling Edge Falls.

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