Jamaican Phrases Translated to English that will make you smile

I love hearing these vibrant, dynamic and powerful Jamaican phrases. My day becomes amazing and full of laughter hearing the oldest proverbs and newestest slang.


Can you say “what are you doing ” in Jamaican? Are you taking a vacation to Jamaica and want to learn how to communicate with the locals. I have prepare a list of Jamaican phrases to help you. You are most welcome!. Enjoy!  

  • Mi Soon Come - I will be back soon.

  • Dawg nyam yu suppa - Dog will eat your supper (You will be punished.)

  • Yu tink seh mi born big?! - You think I was born old? (I am not an idiot so don’t take me for one.)

  • Gi laugh fi peas soup - Give laughs for peas soup ( Having an amazing time.)

  • Pop story gi mi! - Tell me a story. (Giving information about someone personal situation.)

  • Yes, now, Spanish Town! - You are in trouble! (When a child is teasing another child who did something wrong and will be punish. It is normally done in a chant-like musical manner.)

  • Mi deh yah, Everyting criss - Everything is ok

  • Yeye mek four - Eyes make four (Making direct eye contact with someone.)

  • Likkle more - See you later

  • Yu mussi born back a cow! You must have been born behind a cow! (You are very stupid.)

  • From Whappy kill Phillup - From the time that Whappy killed Phillup . A very long time. (I don’t who Whappy and Phillup were, or why Whappy killed Phillup.)

  • Puss inna bag - A cat in a bag ( Receiving something before you have seen it.)

  •  Wha Yuh Deh Pon - What are you doing

  • Mi shame tree dead - My shame tree is dead ( i am not easily ashamed

  • Mi Nuh Biznizz - I don’t care

  • Looking at you, di better one - Looking at you, the better one

  • Tun Up De Ting - Step up your game

  • From mi yeye deh a mi knee - From my eyes were at my knees From I was very young

  • Enough fi stone dawg - Enough to stone a dawg (plenty of something )

  • Nuh romp wid mi -Don’t mess with me

  • Hell an powdahouse - Hell and powderhouse ( A massive chaos )

  • Small up yuhself - Make room

  • If a nuh so, a nearly so - If it's not so, it's nearly so ( If this isn't the truth, it's close to the truth.)

  • Come wid yu two long han - Come with your two long hands (To reach at a location with nothing in your hands, pocket or bag)

  • De Party Tun Up - The party was good!


What are some of your favorite Jamaican phrases? Please Share in the comments.