Exploring Hermitage Dam

I have been yearning for adventures for the longest while. I have only explored these distant places in my head, media and books. These places are isolated and unreachable thus I thought I could not visit them myself. My fear for traveling eventually disappeared because I was tired of begging individuals to accompany me on my trips.

I have been to some of the most unknown, unblemished locations in Jamaica. Tourism is nonexistent in these areas. For the longest time I have been wanting to see this part of Jamaica.

In the Parish of Saint Andrew close to Stony Hill is a dam on the Wag Water River which comes out of the Blue mountain range call Hermitage Dam. I discovered Hermitage Dam on my way back from Falling Edge Falls in St Andrew. Reggae Falls was the first dam I visited so I was extremely excited to explore another dam.

I started my journey from Half Way Tree which I consider to be starting point for traveling to parishes located west of the island. I took a bus to Stony Hill. I asked a vendor  the type of bus I should take. One Hundred JMD is the cost which is equal to One Dollars USD . I traveled for about Thirty Miniutes.

When I got to Stony Hill, I asked a vendor where I could get a taxi to Bowden Hill. The cost for is One Hundred Jamaican Dollars and not a cent more. The journey to Bowden Hill is about 20 minutes. When I got to my finale stop, there were so many different colours of green. I also saw a The Bowden Hill Primary School. 


The path to the right of the Bowden Hill Primary School leads to the dam. The path to the left leads to Falling Edge Falls.  Along the path, I saw farmers who were willing to give directions to the dam. The enchanting sound of water also assisted with directions.

Finally, the journey to the dam ended and it was a welcome sight.


I was told that Mona Dam is larger than Hermitage Dam.

Was not ready for the photo

Was not ready for the photo


Supplying water for Kingston and St Andrew is the number one reason why the dam was created but individuals from the community also use it for fishing.


The Dam is located in an area with heavy rainfall. I was told by members of the community that it's 150-Foot high and it was constructed in 1927.


The vegetation is beautiful with an extensive mixture of trees, birds and unusual bush.

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