Fact about Long Bay Beach that will instanly excite your friends to visit

I know Jamaica was chosen for your vacation because of the breathtaking

beaches in Port Antonio Jamaica. Fine, I might have made that up. We shall let it

be known as a possible truth.


Nevertheless, you possible have heard so many things about Portland because

of the many visitors to the parish.


They cannot stop talking about how stunning Portland is. Well, I definately know

I can’t. It is proudly the longest beach in the Portland Parish, and one of the

longest of Jamaica beaches.  


Long bay is located I the parish of Portland. It is situated along an unbroken

breath of untouched shoreline with an intensely beautiful view of the seaside.


Enclosed by blue-green waters and palm trees, Long bay is the home for

surfers and is worth seeing when you are on the island.


If you are annoyed with packed beaches and want a beach all for yourself Long

Bay is where you want to visit. It is a peaceful getaway where you can meditate,

spend a restful day or have a social event with the exception of local holidays



Taking part in traditional activities is a part of the real experience of touring a

local beach. Scattered along the beach are, bars, grocery shops guest houses



My neighbor’s daughter my niece and I took a tip to three destinations on the St

Mary bus in HWT on the 28 of July 2017.  


We started our day with a goal to visit Tacky Falls in St Mary Reach falls in

Portland and Long Bay Beach also in Portland. I must say that goal was



 The final stop which was long bay beach was short but the time spent was

amazing. We got home so late that night because there was little or no public

transportation. We had to fight our way into a taxi which I must say was a lot of




The girls slept through the ride while I was wide awake thinking why I left

Long Bay so late. It was so unlike me. I don’t own a vehicle therefore I am always

aware of my departure time. But I must admit Long Bay Beach had me star



 There are no entrance fees. If you want a perfect afternoon of rejuvenation and

relaxation Long Bay Beach is the perfect surrounding.


Have you been to long Bay Beach in Port Antonio Jamaica? Tell me about your