Exploring St Elizabeth and Mandeville in a day

“Our task must be to free ourselves... by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and it's beauty.” ― Albert Einstein


I went on my second road trip. This time it was with I am Mishi and Richie on July 13 2019.  I was excited because it was my first time venturing west of the island with company. It was a new experience since I was traveling with vlogers. I was extremely grateful to be invited to explore our beautiful island with such amazing people.


It was my first time meeting@I am Mishi and it was like we have known each other from childhood. Her daughter is the best travel partner ever. She loves traveling like her mom. The driver which was none other than @richieos. He’s fun and most importantly he love traveling around Jamaica creating memories and amazing videos. I must say a big thank you to Instagram for bring us together.


Our first stop was in Mandeville to buy fruits which was beautifully presented. We had to take pictures for sure. Mandeville took me by storm with beautiful scenery and amazing people. The best part was the air. Cool and Nice. Never thought I would say this but I would purchase a home in Mandeville.


Our next stop was at Duppy Church. Mishka was scared to enter but I wasn’t. Well maybe a little. But we had to do it for the Vlog and the gram. YouTube and the gram of course. We saw graves which made the stories even scarier. Go watch her Mishka youtube video which is crazy fun and packed with information.


Then we ventured to Noisy River .It was packed with visitors and people from the community so I didn’t captured the beauty of Noisy River in it’s entirety but I got a few stunning shot that I know you guys will love. Regardless of Noisy River being very popular, it’s a nice place to chill with friends and family.


We decided we are going to do the safari tour in black river St. Elizabeth not knowing we had to pass through Holland Bamboo.


It was pretty incredible. I always wanted to revisit this magnificent place and finally the time came. It was fun and tiring trying to get the perfect picture that I always wanted and longing for in the middle of the road….. I must say I am crazy but it was worth it. The best part of the trip I must say.


We were late for the safari tour so we headed to treasure beach and it too was amazing in every possible way. St Elizabeth has so much to offer. I am definitely returning to explore more St Elizabeth.



St Elizabeth had me wanting more adventures. I started thinking of all the hidden gems waiting to be discovered .


Upon leaving Treasure Beach, we had to stop because we saw the a beautiful sunset. We just could not say good by to St Elizabeth. Wow……. I was pretty amazed by how St Elizabeth got me feeling relaxed and happy. It was definitely the most perfect a day I have ever had.


Our finale stop was at calabash Bay Beach. It was perfect. The sun was setting and it was beautiful.


Do you love exploring your country like do? Where was your last adventure? I wold love to hear all about it!