Revisiting Holland Bamboo

“...and then, I have nature and art and poetry, and if that is not enough, what is enough?”
― Vincent Willem van Gogh


I’ve been to a Holland Bamboo before but the timing was not right and my travel partner was a bit concern with our safety as it pertains to taking pictures in the middle of the road.


So the pictures were not perfect but the experience was worth it. It was our first time venturing to that part of the the island which was St Elizabeth.


Holland Bamboo was something magical so I had to revisit. On July 13, 2019 Mishka invited me on a trip to St. Elizabeth not knowing it would take us to Holland Bamboo.


Bamboo Avenue which is also called Holland Bamboo has one of the most spectacular scenery on the south coast main road in the parish of St.Elizabeth.


It will have you speechless.For me I have never seen anything like it before.


In the 17 century Holland bamboo was created by Holland estate owners. Their aim was to give shelter to travelers and protect the road from wearing away.


Between Lacovia and middle quarter there is a two and a half mile stretch of road which is bordered with bamboo plants that spread over and cross in the center to create a cool passage.


Bambusa Vulgaris is a specie of bamboo which was introduced to Jamaica in large amounts.


It is same bamboo that is planted at Bamboo Avenue.


The specie of bamboo planted on Bamboo Avenue originated in Haiti.


The bamboo plant is used in many ways in Jamaica. For example in construction, making of jewelry furniture etc.


The Bamboo plant is said to be the fastest growing plant in the world.


Have you ever passed through Holland Bamboo? What was your experience like? I’m dying to hear!