So, My trip to the Lighthouse in Morant Bay was incredible

“No computers, no phone calls, no problems at the beach, only sunshine and smiles allowed”. - Catherine Pulsifer


I got the opportunity to visit an historic destination thanks to Mishka and Richieos.


Our plan was to visit the lighthouse by Morant Point and Turtle Bay in Portland.


On July 27, 2019 we journey to Morant Point in search of the lighthouse. Mishka and Richieos have been their before but it was my first time.


Our first stop was by White Horses. I always passed without stopping because my mode of transportation was public but not this time around. I got a few pictures that I love. I am definitely returning to do a blog post about this beautiful spot in St Thomas.


We discovered that one of the signs to the lighthouse had a curious change to it, bizarrely inscribed as 'Lythous'.


The distance is long especially with the poor conditions of the road and sugar cane fields.


 Ensure you to have an unfailing car and a dependable driver when visiting this part of the island.


The Morant Point Lighthouse marks the most easterly point in Jamaica.

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It is situated within seven miles of Duckenfield.


It is the oldest cast iron lighthouse built in the Western Hemisphere.


The lighthouse was designed by Alexander Gordon.

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The 100ft iron tube was cast in London in 1841.


It has a width of 18ft at the base and 11ft at the cap with light and gallery, coated with red and white parallel bands.


A hemispherical stone wall has been built around the seaward side of the base of the lighthouse to safeguard against surf during hurricanes.


African laborers, who were brought to Jamaica after emancipation, as free men helped to set up when it arrived in Jamaica. The trip to the Lighthouse is so worth it. Safely go up the the steps inside the rounded monument at the extreme top to see a heck of an incredible view.


Have you been to the Lighthouse in Morant Bay? Do you enjoy you visit to the lighthouse? The lighthouse in Morant Bay versus the Lighthouse in Portland?Where is your favorite historic site?