So Many Reasons to visit Turtle Bay in Long Road Portland


“Because there’s nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it’s sent away.” – Sarah Kay


The first time I saw a picture of Turtle Bay was on google where I was searching for places to visit in Jamaica. I was shocked. It looks so magical. I fell head over heels in love instantly. My first attempt at finding this destination was an epic fail but I knew I was never going to give up that easily.


I did a more in-depth research and I realized that the Turtle Bay I was looking for was not in the fishing community called Manchineal but in Long Road off-the-beaten-path near the small community of Hector's River which is just a few minutes away from Manchineal. 


On July 3 2019, I set out to fine this hidden gem. I got a coaster bus from Downtown Kingston to Morant Bay. Then a mini bus from Morant Bay to Long Road in Portland. As soon as I got in the bus, I saw a passenger and I asked her if she knew where Turtle Bay in Long was. she said no. But as soon as I showed her the pictures, she said it is known it has Hennesay Bay. I was super happy. Her response was music to my hears.


I asked the driver for a stop at Hennesay Bay. When the bus got to my destination, it was at a vendor with members of the community keeping her company. I showed her a picture of Turtle Bay and asked if she knew how I could fine it. She said yes. Good news just keep rolling in. I asked if she knew anyone from the community who would be willing to be my tour guide. She started to look around. She saw a young man by the name of Andrew who was willing to go exploring with me.


We walked for about ten minutes. During that time, I burried him with question about the community and Turtle Bay. We made a stop that carried us directly to the beach but it was a rough path. But this wasn’t going to stop me from seeing this spectacular view. He was very helpful, taking my hands and pulling me up the slippery path.


Suddenly, my eyes looked upon one of the most scenic view in Portland. I wasn’t just smiling I was running towards what was really Turtle Bay.

The rocks shaped just like a Turtle. That must be the reason why it’s call Turtle Bay. I will sure to let you know in my next blog post on this beautiful place for I had to revisit.


It had been a while since I have visited the beach. And, instead of going to a party to drink myself senseless, I wanted to revisit the place where I first fell in love with life.


Could it have been the glittering sand that glimmered in the golden sunlight, or the peckish seagulls whipping their wings against the ambush of wind.


Listening with both an open heart and ear, I heard the waves crashing against a nearby rocks.


The memories poured in, as I went over to the rocks where I knew an abundance of happiness would follow me.


The best stress relief wasn’t popping pills or smoking a joint , nah… it was the quiet tranquillity of the beach.


The aroma of saltwater wandering up my nostrils, freeing a spell-like hypnotic trance on me.


Definitely, it was the grainy sand against my bare feet as I stared passionately at Mother Nature’s beauty.


It wasn’t only because of those reasons that made me always returned to the beach.


It also had to do with the feel, the emotion I got whenever I looked out far into the ocean.


I would forget all forms of agony, regret and frustration. A strong sense of peace and calm resided over me always.


Only the beach and river made me feel this way.


With the infinite blue sky above promising sunshine, and the big, fluffy white clouds adding a touch of ecstasy, I felt at home.


It was an amazing experience. Not in a million years I would guess this place exited in Portland. I have passed this place so many times.


But I guess the right time was now.


The water was rough and had sharp stones so make sure you carry your

water shoe.



I had to take millions of photos. I must say, this place got the best of me.


Have you heard of Turtle Bay in Portland? Do you dream of seeing the turtle shape rocks? Are you a fan of exploring to distant places?