Why Falling Edge Falls is a travelers playing field

Falling Edge Falls is tucked away in the Stony Hill Community . There is constant rainfall in this area making it the perfect location for the Hermitage Dam. Bowden Hill instantly became one of  my new favorite place to visit because its untouched by mass tourism.

My journey began in Half Way Tree to Stony Hill. I then took a tax to the Bowden Hill Community. My finale stop was at the Bowden Hill Primary School. 

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I was given directions from the taxi driver.  I followed the path and the signs thus making the hike very simple. 


Below the trees sprouted some kind of lush wet thick foliage. I was amazed. I was surrounded by all this greenery. I was in paradise. The rain rejuvenated the foliage. The tree trucks were colorless against the glistening green plants. The hike was about fifteen minutes.


Eventually, the hike came to an end when Falling Edge Falls revealed itself.


The surging water burst over the predicted highness of the 40 feet falls to descend into a refreshing shivery swimming pool. 


 I gasped in astonishment at the clarity of waterfall. It had a beautiful serenity-pool at the bottom. It was gloss clear and flowed as smoothly as syrup. It was magical.


 The view of the waterfall was incredible.


The water was frosty but I enjoyed every bit of it. 


I made a promise to myself after seeing the beauty of the falls which was to keep having fun every day I have left, because there is no other way of life.


  The fragrance of the forest was amazing. I was told that rivers are the roads of the forest. After my visit  to Falling Edge falls, I believe this to be true.

Have you been to Falling Edge Falls in Stony Hill? Is this remote corner of Jamaica on your bucketlist?

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