My first rafting experience on the Martha Brae River

Rosheena and I decided that it was a great idea to visit somewhere spectacular on New Year's Eve. Martha Brae River was definitely somewhere spectacular and we both decided it was the destination to start our new year off with a blast.

So we got on a taxi to down town Kingston on December 31, 2017 and We took a Montego Bay coaster bus which was heading to Falmouth. The cost was $900 Jamaican dollars. We asked the conductor of the bus for a stop at Martha Brae. He indicated that the bus not passing the river but he will give us a stop where we can a taxi that will carry us to the river. The taxi carried us right to the entrance of the property that manage rafting on the river. The cost $100.00JMD. We paid $60USD or the Jamaican equivalent at the office for the ragt ride. We got our armbands we were then introduced to our raft captain and got a life jacket. Then off we go on our first rafting experience.


I must say, I felt all types of amazing from my first stop in falmouth to the entrance where rafting on the Martha Brae is control. It was so magical. The fresh air, so much greenery, extremely long trees and I thought of myself, why did it I took me so long to visit this super beautiful place.


I was there just soaking it all in. This is one of the places I would definitely call home. It was like I was having a mental conversation with nature. I was admiring all the beauty and the healing properties it had to offer.


Martha Brae River is definitely one of those amazing places for the most part has a world while profound influence on people who visit. It speaks to people. You will be transform if you let it work it’ magic. There are so many lessons to learn from this river and if you want to be inspired, this is definitely the place to visit.


You will definitely keep returning once you take your first trip. It's a place that will force you to make Jamaica your prominent home.


Spike Lee, Chuck Norris and Queen Elizabeth are famous people that have visited Martha Brae River.


Martha Brae River not only supply water to the home parish of Trelawny, it also provide water for Saint James. According to residents, the Martha Brae River never run dry not even in an extreme drought.


The Falmouth water company was the very first piped water supply in the western hemisphere which was created in 1797.


Early Spanish settlers established home at Martha Brea because they wanted to be near the river.


The community don't much entertainment. Martha Brae is the main attraction. It is famous for rafting along with Rio Grande in Portland.


Hugh Lawson Shearer is one of Jamaica's Prime Minister's. He is from the town of Martha Brea. He was Prime Minister from 1967 - 1972.


During the Plantation era, bamboo rafting was use to transport sugar and other crops to the harbour then packed on the ship which was heading to Europe.


Martha Brea is a village hence the name Martha Brae River. It is situated on a natural and large horseshoe island.


There is a legend about home Martha Brea got its name from a folk tale of a witch who was taino. Beaten by Spanish settlers to disclose the location of a hidden chest of gold along the river. she eventually told them where the gold was then use her magic to change the path of the river which made it hard for the hunters to find the gold. The entrance to the cave was closed by her which is where the gold was buried, even now.


Have you been to Martha Brae? Were you as amazing with the beauty of this location like I was? Do tell!