My very first visit to Duppy Church in Manchester

On July 13, 2019, I got the chance to visit Duppy Church which is a masked treasure in the parish of Manchester . @I am mishi made this possible by inviting me to explore Mandeville and St. Elizabeth with her. On our journey to Noisy River, we found Duppy Church and decided to take a look around.

This was my first time hearing about this place so I was excited to go in. This was not the case for Mishka but I encouraged her to do it for the vlog. When going to the close by he district of Comfort Hall, you will find on your right Duppy Church.


Surely this church could be added to a scary movie because there were some broken windows while some was gone also there was no door. It had a ghostly look. We saw tomb stones, a few dating based to the 19th century.


Also there were graves as we entered the church. The scariest part was the surround of the church. Little or no one in sight.


Upon entering, a car stopped telling us not to enter because it was haunted. I easily ignored them because of my curiosity. I was scared but also excited because I had no idea this place existed.


Yes Mishka was scared but she was being brave because she had do do it for the vlog. The story goes like this: Spirits haunted the St. George’s Anglican Church congregation, giving rise to the name Duppy Church. Check out Mishka’s youtube channel to learn more about Duppy Church.


Would you go on an adventure to Duppy Church? If you had gone before, what was the experience like? Spill!