9 Photos that will induce your desires to visit South Coast St ELizabeth

Have you read my blog post on Exploring Mandeville and St Elizabeth in a day? Well, if you did, you would have seen a sneak peek of Calabash Bay Beach.Below are nine photos that will induce your desires to explore Calabash Bay Beach. Have Fun!

  1. On our way back to Kingston we saw a spot worth exploring and we were right. It was wonderful.


2. Even though our visit was at sunset, We saw how beautiful this beach was.


3. I must say thank you again for inviting me on this trip.


4. Our path were definitely meant to be crossed.


5. I got to see parts of Jamaica that I didn’t knew existed and Calabash Bay Beach was definitely one of those places.


6. In the Treasure Beach, area you will fine Calabash Bay Beach. It is located close to the communities of Pedro Pen and Blunters.



7. The few minutes that I have been at the beach, It looks great for swimming, the water can get a bit rough, so be careful.


8. This slender beach has shops and bars located on it so there is no need to worry about food for sure.


9. A great spot for a photo shoot.

Uploaded by Nature's Sweet Escapes Yemalla on 2019-08-18.

Have you ever been to Calabash Bay Beach? If you have, I would love to hear about it. Do tell!